Many IBM customers have deployed the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) to take advantage of sub-capacity pricing from IBM. Sub-capacity licensing allows organizations to license an eligible software product for less than the full capacity of your server or group of servers. IMLT users are required to run the tool regularly and keep the records for IBM to review. What many IBM customers do not know is that BigFix Inventory does everything that ILMT does and more, and that IBM has approved the use of BigFix Inventory for sub-capacity licensing. ILMT users can confidently upgrade to BigFix Inventory and take advantage of the additional operational and economic benefits that BigFix Inventory offers.

Why upgrade to BigFix Inventory? 

Upgrade from ILMT to BigFix Inventory to extend the financial savings of knowing about all the software installed in your environment, not just IBM software. Many customers have realized the benefits of using BigFix Inventory to: 

  • Provide a single management tool that can identify software titles from over 9,000 publishers
  • Reduce their total software spend by knowing exactly what software is deployed and optimizing vendor negotiations
  • Provide software usage information to Procurement, enabling the organization to understand software usage patterns and trends to support better planning, budgeting and vendor license compliance
  • Ensure audit readiness and software compliance 
  • Reduce the probability of vendor-imposed over deployment fines or penalties  
  • Mitigate security risk by identifying and optimally removing unauthorized or risky software 
  • Keep the enterprise Change Management Database (CMDB) up-to-date using the BigFix-ServiceNow integration

What can I do to learn more and evaluate BigFix Inventory? 

BigFix Inventory simplifies an organization’s software asset management processes while reducing IT operational costs and security risk. Visit for general information about BigFix Inventory or contact us to schedule a demonstration. 

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