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Finding and remediating vulnerabilities continues to be an important activity of IT and security organizations that avoids security incidents that could lead to a data breach. Device drivers and the BIOS firmware are essential software pieces that provide an interface computer hardware and devices to the operating system. Manufacturers will provide updates when an enhancement is available, or more importantly when a bug or vulnerability is found. Therefore, keeping device drivers up to date is paramount to implementing good security hygiene. 

Brad Sexton, BigFix Technical Advisor for the Mid-Atlantic states, has described in detail how to effectively automate updating device drivers in his latest blog, Using BigFix to easily deploy device drivers and BIOS updates. Using Dell as an example, Brad provides the detailed steps to deploy Dell’s Command Update utility using BigFix Software Distribution dashboard. Once the utility is installed, he describes how to automatically report the available device driver and BIOS updates, how to create a Fixlet to deploy and install device driver and BIOS updates, and how to deploy and install a .cab file containing all driver updates for a specific model of Dell computer.

BigFix effectively provides the visibility and control necessary to keep device drivers and BIOS firmware current. 

For more information about BigFix Software Distribution, a component of BigFix Lifecycle, visit https://www.hcltechsw.com/bigfix/offerings/lifecycle.

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