Today, BigFix and ServiceNow are announcing the availability of the ServiceNow© ServiceGraph Connector for BigFix. The Connector helps organizations discover, track, and understand their hardware and software assets by leveraging BigFix’s extensive and near real-time endpoint and asset data to enrich ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

The connector leverages BigFix Inventory to provide a singlecost-effective discovery solution for all your endpoints, regardless of typelocation or connection. With support for over 90 different operating systems, BigFix Inventory provides accurate, up-to-date information from endpoints that are on-premisein a cloud or hybrid-cloud, VPN-connected, or at home. By automating hardware and software discovery and synchronization with ServiceNow’s CMDB, organizations can eliminate manual processes, inconsistency and incomplete asset data, thus delivering higher quality information to users who rely upon the ServiceNow CMDB. 

The dataflow of the ServiceNow© ServiceGraph Connector for BigFix is shown below:

The BigFix ServiceGraph Connector provides significant business value. It reduces incident response time, reduces errors and data inaccuracies, improves vulnerability response, and speeds problem resolution time. The BigFix ServiceGraph Connector increases your organization’s return on investment in both BigFix and ServiceNow.

The BigFix ServiceGraph Connector is no-charge offering downloadable from the ServiceNow app store, which is where you can also review the Connector’s prerequisites.

To learn more about the Connector, visit and register to watch the upcoming webinar, Empowering ServiceNow with BigFix, on October 8th.

To learn more about BigFix, visit

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