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Did you know that practically all Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) run some version of Microsoft Windows or Linux? 

Since ATMs run Windows and Linux operating systems, BigFix can manage and control ATMs just like any other endpoint. Hundreds of banks and credit unions worldwide use BigFix to reliably and securely manage their ATM network in addition to their traditional servers, workstations and laptops located in the central bank and remote branch offices.

Using BigFix, banks, credit unions and other financial institutions can:

  • Provide visibility and control to all ATMs in the network
  • Deploy and update banking applications
  • Patch the underlying operating system
  • Ensure security and regulatory compliance
  • Track all ATM hardware and software

Learn more. Download the latest solution brief, Banks manage ATMs using BigFix.

For more information about BigFix, visit www.BigFix.com or Contact Us

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