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Tenable and BigFix have developed a strategic partnership to enhance an organization’s ability to find and fix vulnerabilities on endpoints FAST. Employees working from home are particularly vulnerable since their workstations reside outside the organization’s common safeguards such as firewalls. Since many companies are instituting permanent work from home policies, keeping endpoints secure is a top security imperative for many organizations.

Tenable agents can reach beyond the company’s firewall to scan laptops of employees who are working from home and connected to the internet. The Tenable agent provides high fidelity vulnerability and state data about the device eliminating the need to be connected to the corporate network. The detected vulnerability insights, including Tenable’s Vulnerability Prioritization Rating (VPR), are sent to BigFix. BigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation automatically identifies and correlates the most appropriate Fixlets that will remediate prioritized vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Once identified, operations staff can then quickly deploy the Fixlets to vulnerable laptops of remote workers. And neither Tenable or BigFix require a VPN connection!

Vulnerability remediationBigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation automatically compresses the time between vulnerability identification and remediation by automating the research and correlation process that often takes hours or days of staff time after a vulnerability assessment is complete. Quickly remediating vulnerabilities on employee’s workstations whether they are working from the office, home or a café can be the key to preventing cyberattacks and strengthening an organizations’ security posture.

Watch the free on-demand webinar and hear representatives from BigFix, Tenable and ESG discuss how to speed vulnerability remediation, reduce your attack surface, and reduce IT costs.

Click here to learn more about how the integration of Tenable and BigFix works.

Find more, fix more and do more…FASTER!

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