BigFix Accelerator Services Offerings speed deployment and optimize implementation for maximum performance and availability. These service offerings accelerate software deployment and adoption, maximizing your success with BigFix.

Services are delivered by professionals with deep skills in architecture, deployment, configuration, and integration acquired through years of experience in thousands of deployments. Our services team acts as an extensible arm of development giving customer needs direct visibility to the development team.

We provide leadership and excellence in delivery providing deep insight to customers that decreases the time to value and maximizes their return on investment.


  • Four service professional service offerings satisfy a wide variety of needs:
    • HCL BigFix Platform Deployment Service Offering
    • HCL BigFix Module Deployment Service Offerings
    • HCL BigFix Accelerated Value Program Service 10% Offering
    • HCL BigFix Accelerated Value Program Service 50% Offering
  • Scaling is accomplished by ordering the appropriate number of units of each offering
  • Offerings are delivered by our services team with deep skills, years of experience, and ready
    access to BigFix development

For more information, visit BigFix Services or Contact Us

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