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HCL is pleased to announce the release of version 10, patch 1 (10.0.1) for the BigFix Platform, BigFix Inventory, BigFix Insights and BigFix Modern Client Management.

BigFix Platform

The V10.0.1 release of the BigFix platform include the following improvements and capabilities:

  • Discover and report cloud assets, now also from Google Cloud Platform – This patch adds Google Cloud to our cloud support for AWS and Azure. With this feature, you can discover and manage visibility of your cloud assets on Google Cloud Platform. To install the BigFix client on your discovered cloud assets, use the WebUI or BES Console. Once the BigFix agent is installed, you can ensure endpoints in the Google Cloud are viable, managed, inventoried and compliant.
  • Get more from audit logsThe audit log service now provides more details about logging in and out of the BigFix Server, and information on the IP addresses that the clients use to access the server.  
  • Enhanced security of TLS connections with support for Forward Secrecy – You can now leverage on the ephemeral Diffie-Hellman (DHE) and ephemeral elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDHE) for key exchange to increase the level of security of your deployment. 
  • Mitigate network impact and bandwidth requirements with clients connected through VPNYou can now configure BigFix Client to download payloads directly from the internet based on a configurable list of sites. This helps you mitigate the network impact and bandwidth requirements associated with BigFix Relays that serve BigFix Clients connected through a VPN.  
  • Use Microsoft Office 365 as the email server for Web ReportsIn the earlier versions of BigFix Platform, Web Reports could only contact email servers by using the basic authentication over SMTP. In this release, you can schedule the sending of reports by using Office 365 email server with OAuth 2.0 and credentials grant flow. 
  • Other enhancements include:
    • Modified the installer to remove the setup of SQLServer2016SP1-Evaluation from the options of the BigFix Evaluation installation. For details, see evaluation installation on Windows 
    • Enhanced serviceability of PeerNest and BES Client debug log with more information and the possibility to rotate and set a maximum size. For details, see List of settings and detailed descriptions 
    • Improved Client Deploy Tool (CDT) wizard: Simplified the installation process for clients that are discovered by cloud plugins. For details, see Installing the BigFix Agent on discovered resources 
    • Upgraded the following external libraries: libcurl to version 7.69.1, Codejock to version 19.2.0, jQuery to 3.5.1 
    • Fixed DAs and defects. For details, see the release notes.
    • Fixed security vulnerabilities. For details, see the release notes.
  • The BigFix Platform V10.0.1 release notes provide more detail.

BigFix Inventory

  • BigFix Inventory 10.0.1 delivers several improvements including an update to the software catalog making it technically equivalent to IBM License Metric Tool 9.2.19.  The BigFix Inventory V10.0.1 release notes provide more detail. 

BigFix Insights

  • BigFix Insights 10.0.1 increases performance and scalability of BigFix Insights which was announced in March 2020. 
  • The BigFix Insights V10.0.1 release notes provide more detail.  

BigFix Modern Client Management

  • BigFix Modern Client Management 10.0.1 provides optimization and performance enhancements, support for the MCM server on RHEL 8, and other improvements.
  • The BigFix Modern Client Management V10.0.1 release notes provide more detail.


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