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BigFix Insights accelerates risk identification and decision-making with elevated views of endpoint fleet data, rich reporting, and integration with your existing Business Intelligence tools. It enables organizations to quickly visualize risk as well as costs while easily finding the endpoint issues that matter most to drive action throughout the organization. The results are quick responses, streamlined processes and improved security posture.

The BigFix Insights offering delivers:

  • An extendable, open data model or schema
  • ETL programs to load the database
  • A WebUI-based tool to manage ETL scheduling
  • Several out-of-the-box sample reports covering:
    • Patch rhythm
    • Device inventory
    • OS migration
    • Deployment progress

In the future, the Insights data model will be extended to integrate and ingest data from other IT tools and applications. This creates unlimited opportunities to associate endpoint information from BigFix with other data within the organization. For example, by linking software usage information collected by BigFix Inventory with employee information from the HR system, business intelligence analysts could discover which software titles are used by certain job classifications thereby gaining a better understanding the software costs by job and/or business unit. This new insight may be valuable to procurement managers supporting new hiring initiatives and by IT exploring how to chargeback software costs to each business unit or department.

The data schema will be useful to Data Analysts, Business Intelligence users, and System Integrators who want to understand the current data model delivered with BigFix Insights, the relationships between the tables that enable reporting, and the data models used to generate two of the out-of-the-box sample reports.

Click here to download the

BigFix Insights Data Schema

bigfix insights data schema

For more information on BigFix Insights, please visit: https://www.hcltechsw.com/bigfix/offerings/insights.

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