The renowned Network Chuck discussed why organizations of all sizes should check out BigFix in a short, 4.5 minute video.

Network Chuck began by discussing cyber breaches, some industries that have been attacked, and the impact of losing data on the dark web.  He described the difficulty of managing infrastructures comprised of thousands of heterogeneous endpoints of different types, running different operating systems, and in different locations. He emphasized, “it only takes one of these devices to leave you vulnerable to a massive hack.”

“You don’t hear about some companies because they’re not getting hacked, said Network Chuck, “because they are using solutions like HCL BigFix which is totally awesome.” BigFix automates the discovery of all endpoints regardless of location, leverages intelligent automation, deploys patches and updates to endpoints effectively regardless of device type or OS — and all from a centralized console.  Network Chuck articulated how IT and Security teams can collaborate to manage endpoints better, deal with new vulnerabilities quickly and enforce continuous compliance — all with BigFix.

“Free up those evenings. Free up those weekends. Lower anxiety and stress!  Check out BigFix.”  ~Network Chuck

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