For more than 20 years, thousands of BigFix customers have standardized on BigFix in support of Work from Home (WFH) initiatives. Internet-connected Macs and Windows laptops, and other Windows-based devices, UNIX and Linux servers all benefit from the power of BigFix. Many organizations have Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs) with Microsoft and consequently receive to SCCM and Intune but continue to struggle with their complexity, reliance on manual tasks, and the need for additional tools for 3rd party patching, remote control, etc. Quite a few of these enterprises question the value of buying, managing, upgrading, securing software that is included but often not used. These organizations equally struggle with the complexity and cost associated with deploying and maintaining exponentially growing VPN environments required for employees working from home or traveling.

Customers who have deployed BigFix have found its simplicity have found its simplicity and its intelligent self-throttling agent which enables internet-facing workstations to be securely managed as if they were on the corporate network. Third-party patching and multi-platform support for Windows, UNIX, Linux and macOS are also noted as reasons that BigFix was chosen to manage disparate IT environments. 

The advent of Covid-19 accelerated the deployment of BigFix by customers who successfully maintained business continuity without adding network bandwidth, VPN concentrators or headcount. Put plainly – BigFix just worked! Most impediments to WFH deployments were most attributed to internal procurement processes and timelines. 

BigFix has simplified the on-boarding of new remote employees, too.  An IT organization can order a workstation direct from the manufacturer and have it sent to the employee’s home. Then, the employee can install the BigFix agent using a link sent in an email.  Once the BigFix agent is installed, key business applications and security policies can be automatically installed just as if the workstation was on-site. Additionally, should an employee have a problem, IT can use BigFix Remote Desktop Control to help employees get up and running fast.   

The Work from Home trend will undoubtedly continue, requiring IT teams to keep internet-connected laptops to be updated and patched to protect against ransomware attacks and other malware. Our customers love BigFix’s support for end-user computing devices that includes Windows 7, Windows 10, macOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. BigFix’s regularly curates, tests and packages content (patches, security controls and compliance checklists) that simplifies and speeds effective endpoint management.

Now, with the recent addition of BigFix Mobile which extends BigFix management to iOS, iPadOS and Android, end-user computing teams can now support EVERY endpoint with one endpoint management platform. 

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