Your investment in HCL BigFix solutions may need added expertise in determining the correct way to deploy and manage your software in a best practices manner to better the outcome of your investment. You also need to stay apprised of the latest product enhancements, best practices, and most of all, security threats and malware that could affect your IT infrastructure and cause outages. 

The HCL Software Accelerated Value Program (AVP) is a technical advisory service that helps you maximize the value of your return on investment in BigFix software by providing ready access to technical resources.  

This premier offering is pre-packaged annual contract that provides a corresponding set of service deliverables tailored to your short-term needs and long-term planningYou will be assigned a BigFix Dedicated Engineer (BDE) who will work with your team to develop a comprehensive plan which delivers on your security and endpoint management goals and objectives.  Acting in multiple roles, your BDE will: 

  • Be your point of contact and trusted advisor for BigFix, facilitating communications across all HCL groups and teams
  • Be a virtual team member of your BigFix engineering and operations teams
  • Provide BigFix experience and skills across all facets of the BigFix products
  • Easy implementation of BigFix to support new projects 
  • Help remove barriers to further deployment and adoption of BigFix 
  • Review the architecture of your BigFix environment 
  • Provide a comprehensive, annual health check
  • Enhance the skills of your staff by providing training and access to BigFix technical experts and resources  

What to expect. The BDE will endeavor to:

  1. Understand your goals. The BDE will host several meetings with your team to understand your BigFix needs, review your roadmap, current challenges, etc. 
  2. Design a plan. During the first 30 days, your BDE will create a tailored plan to meet expectations for the next 12 months. 
  3. Hold project meetings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to discuss goals, review issues, pain-points, and projects. 
  4. Evaluate success.  We are dedicated to supporting your success. Our goal is to make sure the health of BigFix is to your satisfaction. Evaluation and reporting will be provided upon request.    

Key Deliverables. The AVP will provide: 

  • Proactive account management and CASE management plan.
  • Technical assistance with product questions, product usage plans and support issues.  
  • Advisory assistance on migrations, upgrades, and new feature implementations.
  • BigFix Best Practices.  
  • Proactive notification on security threats and HCL product vulnerabilities.  
  • Coaching on diagnostic and troubleshooting techniques.  
  • Monthly technical interaction for priority issues.  
  • Access to restricted events (Product Roadmaps, Product Briefings, Executive Conversations).  
  • Access to fixes, technical documentation and restricted code.
  • Automatic invitation to BETA and Early Adopter (EA) programs.  

Pricing: The AVP offering is an annual contract. Pricing is based upon the allocated cost of a BDE, the number of contacts the BVE will interface with in your organization and anticipated travel.

Benefits: By leveraging the BigFix Accelerated Value Program, you will have ready access to HCL expert resources providing technical assistance and product enablement, improved success with your BigFix deployments and integrations, and better planning of migrations. Additionally, the AVP will increase your level of expertise and proficiency of your in-house staff in diagnosing and resolving technical software issues, help avoid security breaches with advanced warning on threats, minimize security risks and unplanned downtime, speed time-to-value, and maximizing the ROI of your BigFix investment.   

For more information about the BigFix Accelerated Value Program, email me at For more information about BigFix, visit

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