Today’s healthcare organizations strive for operational excellence while facing a unique set of IT challenges. HCL BigFix can help by empowering IT organizations in healthcare to enhance endpoint compliance and security while saving valuable time and resources. By enabling improved endpoint visibility, new levels of automation, and centralized control from a single management platform, HCL BigFix provides a powerful, cost-effective and unified endpoint management solution, helping Healthcare IT to:

  • Manage and control a wide variety of endpoints running Windows, UNIX, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android, regardless of location and connection. BigFix helps maintain healthy IT operations, providing visibility to all managed endpoints by leveraging a single management platform for servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Maintain regulatory and patch compliance as required by mandates and guidelines such as HIPPA, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, NIST 800-53, the EU Directive and GDPR which protect sensitive patient information. In doing so, BigFix can help healthcare IT meet regulatory compliance while avoiding compliance penalties and security incidents such as ransomware attacks which pose an even greater financial risk.
  • Rapidly respond to acquisitions and mergers. BigFix can speed assessment of endpoint hardware, software, and configurations; report on non-compliant systems; and remediate non-standard and non-compliant endpoints. Once remediated, newly acquired endpoints may be brought onto the network without creating security risks.

HCL BigFix also understands that today’s healthcare organizations must also contend with initiatives to drive down costs and improve operational efficiency; provide visibility to all managed endpoints and asset information; improve responsiveness, even over low-bandwidth network connections; and manage an endpoint through its lifecycle, including operating system provisioning, software distribution, server and task automation, and remote desktop control.

Download the new white paper, Managing and Securing Endpoints in Healthcare, to understand how BigFix is improving healthcare IT and empowering it toward a better and healthier future.

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Managing and Securing Endpoints in Healthcare

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