HCL Software announced that HCL BigFix is ranked in the Leader category in three new IDC MarketScape reports. IDC’s newly released reports on Worldwide Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software for IoT, Apple devices and SMB rate products from dozens of companies.

According to IDC, many HCL BigFix customers interviewed for the UEM MarketScape reported “an increase in new feature development and feature requests, responsiveness to support and integration issues, and an overall higher level of customer satisfaction with the platform over the past two years.”

IDC analyst Phil Hochmuth cited software patching and operating system patches and updates as a particular strength for BigFix. He also wrote that companies should consider HCL BigFix “as an UEM platform for enterprise deployments where strong patch management, discovery, endpoint state inventory, and automation are key requirements. Customers with another UEM/MDM product in place should evaluate BigFix as a possible consolidation opportunity for mobile device management. SMBs should also consider BigFix as a complete, unified IT management and configuration platform across PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and a broad array of server operating systems (with over 100 variants of server OSs supported).

According to IDC’s UEM MarketScape:

  • HCL BigFix is also known for its ability to manage large-scale deployments of endpoints, with upward of half a million endpoints and more in some of its largest deployments.
  • HCL BigFix has extensive Windows PC and macOS management capabilities, with a strong focus on patch management, automation, software life-cycle maintenance, and software threat and vulnerability remediation. The report also says, “HCL is among a few UEM vendors that have strong server (Windows and Linux) device management capabilities built into the UEM platform overall.”
  • BigFix supports robust remote monitoring and management functions for accessing users’ PC environments and helping troubleshoot issues in real-time on a system.
  • HCL BigFix helps end users with compliance and regulatory requirements around endpoint security and management (e.g., PCI-DSS, NIST, CIS, and DESUS).
  • As an agent-based system, BigFix can perform extensive device inventorying functions (hardware and software installed) and can configure granular policies on endpoint PCs, Macs, and servers.

IDC cites our enhanced mobile OS management capability as being ‘strong out of the gate,’” said Kristin Hazlewood, Vice President and General Manager, HCL BigFix. “Added to our strong legacy capabilities, we now offer a solution that meets the needs of global organizations, from servers to mobile devices, across the complete range of requirements.”

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