We all know BigFix is essential to large and small enterprises to keep every endpoint patched, compliant and ensure end-user productivity. Due to large, ever-changing and diverse user communities that bring their own devices, higher education IT environments are some of the most complex and challenging to secure and manage.  Additionally, the perils of falling victim to cyberattacks can be huge. Lincoln College will permanently close as of May 13, 2022, as it becomes the first US college or university to shut down in part because of a ransomware attack.

What you may not know is that many of the most prestigious universities in the USA leverage BigFix to manage both university-owned and student-owned endpoints. Additionally, BigFix allows central IT departments to delegate management tasks to staff in various colleges and schools while maintaining overall visibility and control. 

Recently, we asked one of our newest higher education customers why they selected BigFix. The overriding concern of the University’s leadership is the increasing number of attacks and breaches in the news. They want to do ensure their endpoints are secure and patched, reducing the likelihood of being breached or infected with ransomware. Although security was unquestionably the University’s top concern, the IT Director stated he is also challenged to:

    1. reduce tool sprawl,
    2. standardize on a multiplatform tool that his entire staff can learn, and
    3. show leadership the university’s endpoints are meeting minimum industry standards (e.g. top CIS controls) for insurance purposes.

These are common challenges that lead many organizations to choose BigFix. 

BigFix provides one multiplatform solution for managing all endpoints running Windows, UNIX and macOS — regardless of location, connection or ownership (i.e. BYOD or University-owned).

Check out a few of the higher education institutions using BigFix at: https://www.hcltechsw.com/bigfix/higher-education.

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