BigFix can manage more endpoints than ever. With recent enhancements, BigFix offers IT organizations greater scalability, an ever-expanding list of manageable endpoints, automated vulnerability remediation, and greater infrastructure flexibility and resiliency.

BigFix manages many diverse endpoints

Each BigFix management server can now manage 300,000 endpoints using any combination of agent-based or agentless management. Managed endpoints may include:

BigFix manages all platforms and does it well!

BigFix remediates vulnerabilities fast

BigFix now provides organizations the ability to determine how to apply the best patch and configuration settings to remediate discovered vulnerabilities, and thus reduce risk and improve security by seamlessly correlating vulnerability data sourced from leading vulnerability management sources. BigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation uses advanced correlation algorithms to aggregate and process vulnerability data with information from BigFix and recommends the latest available patches for the discovered vulnerabilities. It closes the gap between vulnerability discovery and remediation.

[BigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation] helps security and IT Operations teams compress the time to patch, reduce errors associated with manual processes, reduce windows of vulnerability, and provide confidence in knowing that proper resources are aligned and being used appropriately.

BigFix manages internet-facing endpoints without a VPN connection

Using a single network port, 52311, BigFix manages internet-connected endpoints without a VPN. BigFix relays can also manage BigFix Agents that are only connected to the Internet as if they were within the corporate network. BigFix can manage endpoints located outside of the corporate network, whether they are home, in airports, or at coffee shops.

With the rise in remote workers, many IT organizations struggled with the cost and complexity of deploying more VPN connections to maintain business continuity. In contrast, organizations using BigFix were operating with ‘business as usual’, enabling more employees to work from home without additional cost or complexity.

We have thousands of remote sites and locations all over the world. We also thousands of users who work from home. The platform and products are extremely stable, feature rich and mature.

BigFix is reliable, stable, and easy to manage

Managing thousands of remote sites around the world can be challenging, especially if infrastructure components fail and require attention. This can be particularly challenging for administrators of other solutions, but not for BigFix.

Several key capabilities make the BigFix infrastructure very reliable and resilient:

  • Non-dedicated relays allow IT organizations to host relay functionality on existing physical or virtual machines without adding cost.
  • Dynamic routing through relay affiliation and failover mechanisms prevents problems that often require admin or engineering support.
  • Adaptive bandwidth throttling enables efficient management over slow connections.
  • Peer nest management allows agents to share patch binary files on the same subnet, reducing network traffic over slower links as well as the number of relays required in large organizations.
  • Intelligent agents with no reliance upon fragile components such as WMI.

I’ve been using BigFix Lifecycle Management for 10+ years. I work for one of the largest organizations in the world and use BigFix for Patch Management, Software Delivery and Inventory. We have thousands of remote sites and locations all over the world.


BigFix offers IT organizations greater scalability of managed endpoints, more relay options, a growing list of manageable endpoints, and a set of integrated solutions for lifecycle, compliance, inventory and mobile device management.

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