BigFix is renowned for its flexibility to manage any endpoint. Now it includes the freedom to choose popular development environments such as Python. Python’s versatility as a general-purpose language and its ability to run Windows, macOS, and Linux has made it one of the most-used programming languages today.

Rosario Gangemi, BigFix Lead Architect from Rome, Italy, has written an article explaining how to encapsulate a Python program within a BigFix Fixlet easily.  Click here to learn how!

In his article, Rosario incorporated a simple Python program to illustrate how to embed another program in a BigFix Fixlet. However, this important capability is much broader. With BigFix, developers have the freedom to choose whatever approach they like for automation, including Python, PowerShell, Perl, Javascript, or other scripting languages. By doing so, they can leverage their knowledge of these programming languages within BigFix and even repurpose existing code. This saves time and money and helps extend the power of BigFix.

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