BigFix’s initial entry into UEM recognized in analyst research, redefines the category as the only provider of unified server, desktop, and mobile endpoint management. 

Several leading analyst firms defined the Unified Endpoint Management category, which focuses on mobile device management, employee experience, application access, telco services enablement and mobile security, among other features. The majority of UEM vendors in this category started in Mobile Device Management (MDM) over 10 years ago then subsequently added capabilities for agentless management of Mac and Windows 10 laptops. Because it provided unique capabilities, enterprises eagerly adopted them even though they introduced new processes, costs and new teams of administrators separate from data center, desktop, and cloud operations.   

 BigFix is a global leader in endpoint management with over 100M endpoints managed by enterprises around the globe. We entered the UEM market in July 2021 with the introduction of BigFix Mobile, which turns the traditional UEM model on its head by enabling IT Operations teams using BigFix to easily extend their existing tools, processes, and people to manage mobile devices, instead of creating new silos of operations. 

There are over 140 vendors focused on managing mobile devices. While UEM products are useful, they focus on a fairly narrow band of problems for IT operations, BigFix handles a much broader set of scenarios. If this were the Olympics, BigFix would be the Decathlon Champion, while UEM focuses solely on the pole vault event! 

Forrester Research just published its latest evaluation of UEM tools to manage laptops and mobile devices running iOS, Android, macOS and Windows 10. BigFix is pleased to be included with the 11 vendors ranked in this research.  Forrester stated the following in its report:  





BigFix has enjoyed the #1 position in customer surveys of UEM products with the highest capabilities score (4.8) in a popular product reviews site from users around the world, largely due to the fact that it covers a much broader set of IT use cases such as server management, data center operations, virtual machines, vulnerability remediation, software inventory and compliance that are not considered in the UEM categoryBigFix Mobile was designed with input from over 400 enterprise administrators. Our first UEM release delivered the most essential features that our customers actually useand we aren’t stopping there 

 We relish our position as the sole provider to offer integrated UEM, client, server, cloud management with intelligent automation, the world’s fastest vulnerability remediation, software inventory and more. 

 For more information on BigFix Mobile and our UEM feature set, please visit 

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