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BigFix can manage more endpoints than ever before, offering unprecedented scalability. The BigFix platform has evolved to manage up to 300,000 endpoints from a single management server with fewer relays. These improvements significantly enhance scalability while reducing IT costs and complexity.

BigFix manages many diverse endpoints

With BigFix V10.0.4 and later, one BigFix management server can manage and secure 300,000 endpoints, in any combination of agentless and agent-based management options:

  • Endpoints running the BigFix full-function, intelligent agent which supports more than 90+ different operating system variants for Windows, UNIX, Linux and macOS. The BigFix intelligent agent delivers rich functionality for endpoints located on-premise, at home, or in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform clouds.
  • Android and iOS smartphones and tablets without an agent, utilizing a full array of Mobile Device Management (MDM) commands and policies.
  • Modern devices running Windows 10 or macOS, with or without an agent. When agentless and agent-based management are used, BigFix’s correlated device manager depicts the endpoint as a single managed endpoint.

BigFix Relay enhancement and capabilities reduce IT spend

The BigFix relay infrastructure provides a superior, scalable, hierarchical model for effectively managing hundreds of thousands of endpoints. Historically, each BigFix relay could support 1,000 managed endpoints; however, recent improvements allow a single relay to support more than 5,000 endpoints. This is a 500% capacity improvement and an 80% reduction in the number of relays!

Two other BigFix capabilities also reduce IT complexity and cost. First, the implementation of BigFix Relays on virtual or non-dedicated relays is recommended which reduces the need for dedicated hardware. Second, BigFix Peer Nesting between agents reduces the need for relays in distributed, remote locations connected by low latency, slow connections.

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A single endpoint management platform simplifies management, saving time and money

Managing a heterogeneous enterprise comprising all major OS platforms utilizing disparate tools requires administrators to spend an inordinate amount of time maintaining the infrastructure. But that is not a problem for BigFix since the architecture is highly resilient and reliable. Adding to that, BigFix allows organizations to unify security and endpoint management across Windows, UNIX, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android endpoints using a single management platform, improving operational efficiencies and reducing IT cost of endpoint and security management.

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