Nutanix delivers an enterprise cloud platform that natively converges compute, virtualization, and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution. Nutanix solutions are built on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology. 

BigFix has partnered with Nutanix to extend the power of BigFix to Nutanix deployments. Capabilities include:

  • Running the BigFix Agent in guest VMs running Nutanix-supported operating systems such as Windows, Red Hat Linux and CentOS.
  • Deploying the BigFix Platform and core modules in guest VMs running on Nutanix. In other words, all BigFix infrastructure components can be deployed in guest VMs running on a Nutanix hypervisor (AVH), including the BigFix Enterprise Server, BigFix Relays and consoles, BigFix Lifecycle, BigFix Compliance and BigFix Inventory. BigFix has been given the Nutanix Ready AHV badge — a certification awarded to products and solutions that have been tested and verified to work on or with AHV, Nutanix’s built-in hypervisor.
  • Reporting on the sub capacity of guest VMs running on Nutanix through the use of BigFix Inventory.

By extending support to Nutanix, BigFix can manage more endpoints than ever before!

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Get The Most Out of Your Nutanix Environment


To learn more about Nutanix support in BigFix, click here.  For more information about BigFix, visit or Contact Us

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