With HCL BigFix Inventory, your organization can maintain an up-to-date inventory of software assets that are installed in your infrastructure, gather information about your hardware, and ensure license compliance of your enterprise. With BigFix Inventory, you always know what software you have, where it is deployed, and how it is used.

IBM and HCL have established a collaboration agreement aimed to continue to have BigFix Inventory accepted as an alternate solution to IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) for IBM Virtualization Capacity reporting.  Customers can use BigFix Inventory for IBM Virtualization Capacity reporting if the new release/update has been validated by IBM. BigFix Inventory V10.0.0 and V10.0.1 has been validated by IBM, allowing organizations that use BigFix Inventory to meet the requirements for IBM Virtualization Capacity licensing.

Malgorzata Jablonska, Senior Development Manager of BigFix Inventory, emphasized, “We understand sub-capacity customers require the latest releases of BigFix Inventory to be validated by IBM before upgrading their environment, and we will continue to work with IBM to validate future BigFix Inventory releases.”

HCL is dedicated to delivering a validated alternative to ILMT while providing all of the additional benefits of BigFix Inventory, such as:

  • A software inventory tool that supports Windows, UNIX, Linux and macOS — not just IBM software.
  • A hardware inventory tool that collects Hostname, DNS name, OS, Network details, CPU details, Disk details, RAM, Vendor, and serial number.
  • Software metering capability to help organizations determine if software is being used and how often.
  • Being able to quickly respond to vendor audits, allowing organizations to maintain software license compliance, reduce total software spend, and eliminate non-compliance fines and penalties.
  • Keeping the enterprise ServiceNow CMDB up-to-date using the ServiceNow© ServiceGraph Connector for BigFix.

BigFix Inventory is a key component of an effective Asset Management strategy in many organizations. Contact us to schedule a demonstration or speak with a BigFix Specialist.

For more information, visit www.BigFix.com.

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