Many organizations have leveraged BigFix Compliance to quickly implement and maintain continuous compliance with Benchmarks published by the Center of Internet Services. CIS Benchmarks are provided as best practices to secure operating systems and software to eliminate any configuration related vulnerabilities for cyber attacks. There is a separate benchmark for each operating system or application. BigFix Compliance provides many out-of-the-box checklists based upon these CIS Benchmarks. Organizations are able to apply these checklists to all their endpoints to apply CIS recommended best practices consistently and effectively.

In fact, BigFix Compliance V10 is the latest to receive CIS Security Software Certification for CIS Benchmarks. Visit the CIS website at for details.


I-Lung Kao, HCL Product Manager for BigFix Compliance, says “the HCL BigFix team has delivered a great number of out-of-the-box checklists that can quickly assess security configurations and remediate configuration drift automatically and continuously. Checklists are continually updated and enhanced by BigFix team to support the latest CIS benchmarks. The security threat landscape keeps changing and new vulnerabilities are constantly discovered. For popular OS platforms like Windows, the CIS benchmarks are updated frequently, often every quarter, so it is critical for organizations to apply the most recent CIS benchmarks by deploying the latest checklists from BigFix Compliance.”

BigFix Compliance has been long established as an essential tool in implementing and continuously enforcing configuration compliance with thousands of out-of-the-box security checks aligned with industry standard security benchmarks including CIS, DISA STIG, USGCB, and PCI DSS. BigFix is the only endpoint management platform that enables IT Operations and Security teams to fully automate, discover, manage, and remediate endpoints, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud, regardless of location or connectivity. Unlike complex tools that cover a limited portion of your endpoints and take days or weeks to remediate, BigFix can find and fix all endpoints faster than any other solution.

Readers who are exploring solutions to their compliance challenges are invited to download a guide written I-Lung Kao, Selecting an Endpoint Compliance Solution to Improve your Security Posture.


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