The cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline underlines the importance of visibility and remediation of energy systems 

The ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline is raising security concerns in the IT and transportation industries. Last week, the computer systems of the Colonial Pipeline Company were infected with ransomware resulting in the company halting pipeline operations until infected systems have been remediated and systems are back up and running. The cost of the cyberattack will undoubtedly be significant to Colonial, companies who depending upon the fuel transported by the pipeline, and to citizens who are seeing rising gas prices. 

 This cyberattack highlights the importance of security management. Verve Industrial, a BigFix business partner, recently published a blog, Colonial Pipeline Attack: Lessons Learned for Ransomware Protection, which clarifies what happened and what should be learned. Verve emphasized in the blog that properly managed security is the key to industrial protection. 

Verve leverages BigFix for operational technology (OT) endpoint management to assist with patching, configuration and software management.  Now, customers can remediate vulnerabilities by effectively patching both OT and IT assets. 

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