Thousands of enterprise customers know that BigFix is the only endpoint management platform that enables IT/Security Operations to fully automate discovery, management and remediation, whether it’s on-prem or cloud, regardless of location or connectivity. They’ve tried other, more complex tools that cover a limited portion of their systems and can take days or weeks to remediate. BigFix can find and fix all endpoints faster than any other solution.  And now, with BigFix 10, you can find more, fix more and do more than ever before.

What’s new in BigFix 10:

time icon Insights™: Enables organizations to quickly visualize risk as well as costs, while easily finding the endpoint issues that matter most, to drive action throughout the organization. The results are quick responses, streamlined processes and improved security posture.
settings icon Modern Client Management™: Enables the consolidation of multiple vendors, cost reduction and complexity while managing Windows 10 and MacOS endpoints with simple enrollment and policy management.
cloud icon Multicloud Management: Enables administrators to have full 360-degree visibility, control and compliance enforcement of both cloud and on-premise endpoints from a single solution.


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With our current global crisis, increased telework drives the need for work-from-home programs and business continuity measures. BigFix enables secure, remote telework with continuous patching and compliance management, with or without VPN, using a single agent, console and firewall port.

Here are some examples of where BigFix can help:

  • Maintain business continuity and security with remote workers, by keeping their PCs continuously patched and compliant, with or without VPN.
  • Expedite Work-From-Home programs with reduced infrastructure, complexity and administrative costs while increasing productivity.
  • Accelerate adoption of modern devices like Windows 10 and MacOS with simpler provisioning and policy management.
  • Quickly provide executives with advanced analytics across all endpoints and operating systems, for faster and more effective decision making.
  • Reduce OPEX by consolidating tools to manage on-prem and cloud endpoints.
  • Defer costly replacements of aging operating systems, including Win 7, Win Server 2008, HP/UX, AIX, Solaris, etc.

BigFix is a leader in the endpoint management platforms, with over 100M endpoints managed in over 150 countries as well as broadly deployed in U.S. Federal Government agencies. With BigFix 10, you can enable quicker risk identification and decision-making, future-proof management for modern endpoints and manage both cloud and traditional endpoints using a single agent and unified BigFix console.

With this release, BigFix enters a new era of unified endpoint management which enables companies to more effectively manage and report on all endpoint devices from a single solution at scale. It also demonstrates HCL’s ongoing commitment to delivering products that meet the stringent U.S. Federal government standards for secure supply chain.

For more information on HCL BigFix, contact your BigFix partner or please visit

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