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BigFix Lifecycle Server Automation provides the capability to automate a variety of workflows — such as a sequence of Fixlets, Tasks, and Baselines — across different endpoints with minimal impact on your network. Automation tasks, contained within a Automation Plan, can run in a simple sequence or in parallel across multiple endpoints. BigFix Lifecycle Server Automation is often used to automate complex, multi-step tasks — saving many hours of staff time and reducing rework caused by manual processes.

Brad Sexton, BigFix Technical Advisor for the Mid-Atlantic states, details how to automate a complex patching process in his latest guide, BigFix – Use Sever Automation for those complex patching scenarios. Brad details how to setup server automation and create a basic automation plan that takes a snapshot of an ESXi host, patches the host, then either reverts the snapshot if a failure occurs or deletes the snapshot if the automation plan was successful.

For more information about BigFix Server Automation, a component of BigFix Lifecycle, visit https://www.hcltechsw.com/bigfix/offerings/lifecycle.

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