BigFix secures endpoints by ensuring they are patched and continuously compliant. Unpatched systems are a significant threat to organizations since hackers look for known vulnerabilities. They are too great of a security risk for organizations to ignore. As a result, many organizations want to quarantine these systems, preventing them from connecting to the network until they are patched and compliant.

The integration of Aurba’s ClearPass Policy Manager with BigFix allows Aruba to leverage BigFix’s rich set of device attributes collected by BigFix agents to determine, for example, if an endpoint is managed by BigFix and the last time it was updated. Since Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager provides role and device-based secure network access control, the ClearPass Extension for BigFix enables organizations to automatically quarantine unpatched or non compliant endpoints, preventing them accessing valuable assets while they are brought into compliance.


  • Use BigFix’s near-real-time endpoint data complement the rich functionality of Aruba’s Policy manager to create powerful security policies that reduce security risk
  • Aruba leverages data collected by BigFix agents, accessed through BigFix’s published APIs

In an upcoming webinar on Thursday, March 18, Aruba Networks and BigFix will discuss more about Aruba ClearPass Extension for BigFix  and how clients from around the world leverage the solution to address continuous compliance challenges.

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Continuous Compliance Drives Smarter Network Access Control: ClearPass + BigFix


For more information about Aruba Networks, visit and review the Aruba ClearPass and BigFix Integration Guide.

For more information about BigFix, visit the

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