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Organizations of all types and sizes are scrambling to adopt work-from-home practices to ensure business continuity and protect employees during the 2020 global health crisis. We now have the largest remote workforce in human history, and many companies are struggling to support them, especially those with undersized network capacity or applications that are mostly on-premise. In many cases, new technology and infrastructure are urgently needed to support out of network endpoints and new network traffic patterns while ensuring devices are up to date, compliant and secure.

January 2020 now seems like years ago; priorities like ISO certifications, advanced security techniques and deployment of nonessential software have taken a back seat to keeping the lights on. The more immediate need is for companies to get devices into the hands of their employees and provision those devices with the necessary software so they can continue working. But what about securing those endpoints, and what if employees are using their own personal devices?

Organizations need help with the sudden remote workforce challenges of devices, connectivity, security, and the time it takes IT staff to manage these processes. BigFix can help make this transition easier for your end users as well as the staff that supports them.

BigFix’s Four-Step Solution

BigFix enables secure, remote telework with continuous patching and compliance management with or without VPN, using a single agent, a single firewall port, and all in a single solution.

  1. Enroll – BigFix can manage devices without a VPN no matter where they exist – without significant network infrastructure changes or exposing your environment to new attack vectors, offering accelerated enrollment.
  2. Deploy – Using BigFix on your devices outside your network allows you to have the same consistent, dependable, reliable management through a single port regardless of connectivity. You simply outline your standard and BigFix will continually evaluate and enforce that standard. Do you need VPN installed across hundreds or thousands of endpoints? BigFix easy enrollment and policy delivers that now. And putting a relay in your DMZ allows for remote management with or without VPN. So you can easily offer applications to your new mobile workers or automatically install. BigFix gives you that flexibility to manage these actions the way you want.
  3. Secure – Once you have the BigFix agent deployed, you can perform inventories, configuration management, application deployment, security and configuration management, and anything you would have done if the device was on your corporate network. BigFix’s control allows you to make a virtual extension of your corporate network endpoint management.
  4. Confirm – Now that you’ve enrolled, deployed, and secured your devices, BigFix gives you complete visibility across your entire enterprise regardless of connection, so you can confirm things like application and OS updates and security configurations.
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What does this all mean for your remote workers?

They can easily enroll their devices and automatically install critical applications, patches, policies, and configurations. Next, they will connect with VPN or the internet and have a secure, consistent, and reliable computing environment just like their office location. And while BigFix enables your end users to easily solve common IT problems, support tickets are minimized so workers can focus on deliverables and productivity.

Using the benefits of BigFix in combination with smart, internal security practices will enable companies to stay two steps ahead of sudden security curve balls so that resources are available to ensure safety and wellness in their workforce.

Take a seat and watch the 4 Ways to Solve Your Work from Home Challenge webinar, presented by the BigFix Product team.  Join us and register HERE.

To learn more about BigFix, visit www.bigfix.com.





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