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Uffe Sorensen
Global Director of DS Strategy, HCLSoftware
Posts by Uffe Sorensen
Digital Solutions | June 2, 2021
Licensing Update: Domino V12 and Key CCX Enhancement
Use HCL Domino Support Update with the HCLSoftware's Domino V12 release. Understand how CCB is used to provide one license model for HCL Domino.
Digital Solutions | February 3, 2021
HCL Domino Support Update
HCL Digital Solutions to clarify the requirement for offering Support subscriptions for the various HCL Domino Programs. Read the blog to learn about partial renewals.
Digital Solutions | September 23, 2020
Licensing Update: Introducing CCX, External User Entitlements
HCL Digital Solutions has delivered a modern, per-user licensing model for Domino – HCL Domino Complete Collaboration Business Edition.
Digital Solutions | July 29, 2020
Licensing Update: HCL Complete Collaboration (CCB) Guest Licensing
In August, HCL plans to update the formal License Information found here. In the meantime, you may refer to this blog or you can request a formal Product Notice for compliance.
Digital Solutions | June 25, 2020
Licensing Update: Reporting PVU Compliance for HCL Domino
All Domino customers are required to maintain a record of their total PVUs allocated to the product. The report must be presented to HCL on request (per HCL Master License Agreement, §12, available here.) 
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