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Timothy Clark
the Global Program Manager
Tim Clark works for HCL as the Global Program Manager for the HCL Masters and the liaison between HCL and the World Wide User Groups. Previously Tim has worked for various Business Partners & IBM/Lotus. He's a Prince2 certified project bore and loves to think he's technical, having been around Notes and Domino since V3 (Jan 1994). For fun, he makes lots of noise in his local church playing drums. Sometimes he cycles, goes to the gym, rides motorbikes and scuba dives.
Posts by Timothy Clark
Digital Solutions | January 8, 2021
Announcing the HCL Ambassador Class of 2021
We are proud and excited to announce the HCL Ambassador Class of 2021 for HCL Digital Solutions.  The HCL Ambassadors program is an annual recognition program that rewards individuals who go above and beyond in their commitment, advocacy and knowledge-sharing of the HCL Digital Solutions products. HCL Ambassadors gain recognition from us in the following forms  Community calls and social networking forums   Access to exclusive, “invite-only” beta programs and events   Bi-annual calls with senior executives   Fast escalation of support tickets to subject matter expert engineers   Free-of-charge licenses to use HCL Software products   Enhanced exposure of published content through syndication into the HCL Ambassadors blog   HCL Ambassadors-branded merchandise   Access to the program is decided annually following a nomination and judging process. These typically take place in October and November, with the announcement of the next year’s HCL Ambassadors in December.  The HCL Ambassador Class of 2021 term runs from January 2021 through to December 2021. More details can be found on the HCL Ambassadors hub. Congratulations to everyone who has been recognized this year! We are thrilled to be working with you.  
Digital Solutions | December 19, 2019
Announcing Two New HCL Grandmasters
Some people shine above others, and it's easy to see what they've done and been doing for years and years. Those people come to our attention time and time again throughout the year, and it's always a pleasure to see them "rising above" regularly. We take these interactions and store them away for future reference. These people get honoured by us as being extra-special Masters, and we like to call them HCL Grandmasters, currently having 7 of them;  • Gabriella Davis  • Theo Heselmans  • Julian Robichaux  • Roberto Mazzoni  • Daniel Nashed  • Richard Moy  • Paul Withers Paul has just retired his term as a Grandmaster by joining us here at HCL. That's the only hard rule we have in the Masters program: You cannot be an employee of HCL. This year we are incredibly thrilled to be honouring two new HCL Grandmasters. Please allow me to introduce to the HCL Grandmaster: Mitsuru Katoh Bill Malchisky We'll let Mitsuru and Bill explain in their own words what being an HCL Grandmaster means to them. Mitsuru Katoh  "The status of HCL Grandmaster allows me to help the community more, interoperating inside and outside Japan, which leads to the entire community developing. That's very important to me and HCL.  In the current situation where Japanese HCL Masters look quiet and isolated among other region's HCL Masters, despite the large market and local user-community activities. Probably because of the language barriers and cultural differences. To overcome this situation and show their presence more globally, I promise I will dedicate myself to lead them to engage more in the global community." Bill Malchisky  "I started with Notes in 1993 and appreciated the LISP-based Formula language. From there, I developed Notes DBs and learned to be an admin, leading developers on large projects....
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