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Swati Rajput
Swati Rajput is an IBM Certified Big Data Architect working as a Technical Analyst and a Client Advocate for the Marketing Suite at HCL.
Posts by Swati Rajput
Marketing & Commerce | April 22, 2019
Exposing an Application Level Security Bug
Unica exposing application level security bug. Exploring very common scenario that can compromise the security of your applications
Marketing & Commerce | November 14, 2018
Binary Sort Collation Campaign
The ‘Campaign’ uses binary sort collation but this is not enough. I encountered a case where two databases (Oracle and Netezza) are using binary sort collation but still, it results in incorrect sort order.
Marketing & Commerce | October 23, 2018
Campaign Sort Orders
By default, Campaign Use Binary Sort order. In order to do proper sorting at campaign, set default character set as UTF-8, default character type as Unicode and sort order as Binary.
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