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Stuart Crump
Snr. Solutions Engineer for Unica Marketing Solutions
Solutions Engineer with experience and a passion for software Marketing Solutions, Content management & Customer Experience. Passionate about engaging with clients, understanding their needs through listening, and solving real-life problems with technology. I have a deep understanding of content management, digital analytics, and integrated marketing stacks. Always excited to innovate, collaborate and push the boundaries of where we can take user and customer experience.
Posts by Stuart Crump
Marketing & Commerce | April 22, 2022
Addressing ‘rage-click’ CX frustration
In this short article we want to delve deeper into a specific topic, the ‘rage-click’ and what HCL discover can do to highlight this missed opportunity to mitigate CX frustration.
Marketing & Commerce | September 21, 2021
Customer experience struggle… resolved!
This blog talks about how HCL Unica Discover helps companies to undertsnad, Identify and highlights customer experience challenges.
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