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Digital Solutions | June 10, 2020
Understanding Cloud Applications: Get the Data Migration Help You Need Right Now and Collaborate Better Together with Connelink Collaboration Cloud (3C)
As more and more people are moving to a work from home environment, providing employees and clients with a simple and secure way to communicate, collaborate, and get work done is increasingly crucial.  Connelink, a French-based technology and consultancy firm, has been focused exclusively on digital workplace solutions space for over six years. Recently named an HCL Managed-Service-Provider (MSP), Connelink is pleased to announce the availability of their Connelink Collaboration Cloud (3C) service.   An end-to-end workplace collaboration suite 3C is one of the only fully integrated collaboration suites available on the market today for deployment as a public, private or hybrid solution. Built on HCL Digital Solutions (DS) and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), 3C offers mail, chat, web conferencing, collaboration portals, wikis, blogs, communities, an office suite, and/or application hosting (pro and low code). This low-cost solution is designed with flexibility in mind — choose your hosting location, desired services, and license mix to create a custom, secure, enterprise-grade solution.   Pay only what you need with SaaS licensing Starting with packages as low as 1,99 € per user per month, 3C has the power to help your company cut costs and increase ROI. Customers can mix license types and only pay for the storage actually used, ensuring that you get the best price possible.  Stay secure, GDPR compliant, and always up and running As GDPR turns two years old, protecting your data is of paramount importance. Fortunately, 3C not only provides you with robust security and encryption, but also allows you to host your data locally. With AWS hosting sites available in Bahrain, France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, and the UK, you choose where your data lives. Even better, your data is also encrypted by CONNELINK, which protects your company from the CLOUD Act.  Benefit from a free migration For our customers migrating from IBM Connections Cloud and/or on-premises HCL DS/IBM ICS migration is free! Our process allows us to complete this migration in about two to three weeks with no impact or disruption to your service. For more information please visit our website:   
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