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Stephanie Heyward
HCL Commerce Advisory Services Stephanie.heyward@hcl.com
Stephanie Heyward has over 15 years of experience in the areas of digital commerce, order management and supply chain, customer engagement and marketing automation with an emphasis in commerce for the global 500. Partnering closely with prospective and existing customers Stephanie gathers requirements, designs and implements cross portfolio solutions and implementation roadmaps working closely with customers and prospects to assure technical performance and business objectives are met.
Posts by Stephanie Heyward
Marketing & Commerce | September 23, 2020
Holiday Readiness Part 2
This blog is a companion piece to the Holiday Readiness Podcast by Stephanie Heyward and Andon Salvarinov from HCL Commerce Advisory Services
Marketing & Commerce | September 23, 2020
Planning for Peak with HCL
Understanding the volumes that your ecommerce site needs to sustain, and be responsive and operational, are key information to the success.
Marketing & Commerce | December 11, 2019
Clearing the way forward with HCL Commerce
When your path becomes unclear and cluttered sometimes the easiest thing to do is to look around for a new path…
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