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Sriram V
Senior Tech Lead
I have been working with Workload Automation for the past 14 years and have had a chance to work with 100+ customers from various industries as an implementer, SME, and India SME at IBM before also getting a chance to work directly on the product support side as a DevOps Engineer on the IBM SaaS offering of the product. I also had a stint with the Lab Services team developing conversion utilities to move from competition, and lately have been working as a technical advisor for the product on the Tech Sales side.
Posts by Sriram V
Automation | December 15, 2022
HWA Observability Over Splunk. Generating Business Metrics: Inventory Planning
we’ll see how key business metrics can be generated over a flow within HWA and then analyzed over Splunk for meaningful insights using clear, user-friendly dashboards.
Automation | September 8, 2022
CASE STUDY : Retail SuperMarket UseCases over Self Service Catalogue
A comprehensive solution to manage the workload automation process with HCL for Retail Industry. Read the case study to figure out complete solutions.
Automation | April 6, 2022
CASE STUDY: Hadoop Map Reduce Integration with HCL Workload Automation
Case Study: Learn how Hadoop Map Reduce Integration with HCL Workload Automation. A Hadoop Map Reduce Job type to achieve integration.
Automation | January 6, 2022
Case Study: Regulatory Compliance Workflow through HCL Workload Automation:
Regulatory Compliance UseCase, where a Customer wants to perform a transaction at a Gaming Kiosk, undergoes a series of Background Checks and Validations.
Automation | December 2, 2021
CASE STUDY: SAP Build Automation through HWA:
Learn about a new SAP Application Server and SAP DB Server based on an existing SAP Application Server, and SAP DB Server can leverage HWA to achieve the same.
Automation | November 1, 2021
CASE STUDY: Automate Certificate Generation, Certificate Application and Change Management through HWA
Explore how a new certificate request placed in a ticketing tool like Service Now could be managed through HWA end-to-end and more.
Automation | September 2, 2021
HWA-GIT-SNOW Integration: Application Code Promotion and Scheduling Objects Promotion Orchestration
Learn how a company using HWA and maintaining its application code on GIT, along with all scheduling objects, could also promote and manage the entire Code Promotion.
Automation | August 9, 2021
Case Study : HWA-SNOW Integration : Application , DB and AppServer Container Provisioning Orchestration
Learn how we go through a UseCase to demonstrate a Customer wanting to Track his Application Deployment through Service Now using HWA.
Automation | June 23, 2021
Case Study: Service Now RM Orchestration through HWA
Learn how HWA to implement a request management workflow for a repeated task for a service line and how the complete request can be managed End to End through HWA.
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