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Sriram V
Technical Advisor-Workload Automation
I have been working with Workload Automation for the past 14 years and have had a chance to work with 100+ customers from various industries as an implementer, SME, and India SME at IBM before also getting a chance to work directly on the product support side as a DevOps Engineer on the IBM SaaS offering of the product. I also had a stint with the Lab Services team developing conversion utilities to move from competition, and lately have been working as a technical advisor for the product on the Tech Sales side.
Posts by Sriram V
Automation | April 5, 2023
How to Enable Cloud Transformation With HCL Workload Automation on AWS
In this post, you’ll learn how HCL Workload Automation (HWA) can automate tasks related to batch processing, job scheduling, unattended processes, and event-driven automation.
Automation | February 10, 2023
Banking Case Study: New Client Adoption and Reverse Check: HWA+DRYiCE-iControl
We look at a banking case study wherein we are going through the “New Client Adoption and Reverse Check” business process.
Automation | December 15, 2022
HWA Observability Over Splunk. Generating Business Metrics: Inventory Planning
we’ll see how key business metrics can be generated over a flow within HWA and then analyzed over Splunk for meaningful insights using clear, user-friendly dashboards.
Automation | September 8, 2022
CASE STUDY : Retail SuperMarket UseCases over Self Service Catalogue
A comprehensive solution to manage the workload automation process with HCL for Retail Industry. Read the case study to figure out complete solutions.
Automation | April 6, 2022
CASE STUDY: Hadoop Map Reduce Integration with HCL Workload Automation
Case Study: Learn how Hadoop Map Reduce Integration with HCL Workload Automation. A Hadoop Map Reduce Job type to achieve integration.
Automation | January 6, 2022
Case Study: Regulatory Compliance Workflow through HCL Workload Automation:
Regulatory Compliance UseCase, where a Customer wants to perform a transaction at a Gaming Kiosk, undergoes a series of Background Checks and Validations.
Automation | December 2, 2021
CASE STUDY: SAP Build Automation through HWA:
Learn about a new SAP Application Server and SAP DB Server based on an existing SAP Application Server, and SAP DB Server can leverage HWA to achieve the same.
Automation | November 1, 2021
CASE STUDY: Automate Certificate Generation, Certificate Application and Change Management through HWA
Explore how a new certificate request placed in a ticketing tool like Service Now could be managed through HWA end-to-end and more.
Automation | September 2, 2021
HWA-GIT-SNOW Integration: Application Code Promotion and Scheduling Objects Promotion Orchestration
Learn how a company using HWA and maintaining its application code on GIT, along with all scheduling objects, could also promote and manage the entire Code Promotion.
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