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Soumya Mallappa
Senior Software Engineer at HCLSoftware
Soumya is a Senior Software Engineer at HCLSoftware. With 8 years of IT experience working towards the development and L3. She has handled front-end and backend web application using Java/J2EE ,HTML5 and CSS. She is a member of HCL ZIE Web Mainframe family and is currently involved in HCL ZIE products development.
Posts by Soumya Mallappa
Mainframes | December 7, 2021
Using ZIETrans EJB
EJB is server-side software that helps summarize a particular application's business logic. With EJB, we can develop secure and scalable distributed applications.
Mainframes | December 7, 2021
Enabling CSRF and XSS protections in ZIETrans
CSRF is an attack when a malicious website, email, blog, instant message, or program causes a user’s web browser to perform an unwanted action.
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