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Simon Warbey
Product Manager | Consultant | Solution Director
Simon Warbey is a Product Manager and a consultant at HCL Technologies. He is always focused on customer success and satisfaction via focused product delivery. Simon trains and works with clients to make the best use of the Discover’s Customer Experience Insights Suite, covering a wide range of business sectors across the EMEA region.
Posts by Simon Warbey
Marketing & Commerce | June 1, 2021
Is Customer Behaviour Analytics on your Radar? With Increasing Digital Sales It Should be!
HCL Unica Discover last year, behavioral analytics has been one of the hottest topics with Commerce customers. It will enable reporting and analytics capabilities.
Cloud Native | January 8, 2021
Unica Discover is Cloud Native!
Unica Discover is a proven HCL product that provides behavioral insight into the online user journey, allowing you to deliver the kind of optimized experience that improves conversion and makes users want to visit again.
Marketing & Commerce | October 7, 2020
Unica Discover- Formulate Your Customer Experience Strategy
Customer experience (CX) covers every aspect of a customer’s journey with your brand (first contact to becoming a happy and loyal customer.) It is a holistic perception a customer has for your brand or service irrespective of the engagement channel.
Marketing & Commerce | February 14, 2020
The New Ideas Portal- How can you influence Unica’s product roadmap?
As a product owner, even after the successful launch of a product, it’s common to be surrounded by ideas from every possible source.
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