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Simon Warbey
Product Manager | Consultant | Solution Director
Simon Warbey is a Product Manager and a consultant at HCL Technologies. He is always focused on customer success and satisfaction via focused product delivery. Simon trains and works with clients to make the best use of the Discover’s Customer Experience Insights Suite, covering a wide range of business sectors across the EMEA region.
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Marketing & Commerce | June 1, 2021
Is Customer Behaviour Analytics on your Radar? With Increasing Digital Sales It Should be!
Since the introduction of HCL Unica Discover last year, behavioral analytics has been one of the hottest topics with Commerce customers. Those customers who have gone live have seen a ROI in the first quarter. Curious? Schedule a demo or join us at the HCL CommerceConnect event on June 17th where we will be demoing HCL Unica Discover live! Meantime, we continue to enhance HCL Unica Discover with new capabilities, starting with out of the box integration with the google tag manager data layer included with React storefronts in v9.1.4 and onwards of HCL Commerce. This enables Unica Discover to offer reporting and analytics capabilities that previously required time and investment in mapping, creating and maintaining data objects used to identify customer behaviours.   Now, as soon as you start using Unica Discover, you get insights into the store shopping and checkout process immediately, helping to enable faster identification of issues and understanding of customer behaviours and revenue optimization opportunities. Interested – Why not go and try it for yourself? HCL Unica Discover is available on HCL SoFy, our cloud native catalog and you can spin up an instance and check it out. Sign up here!   And it's not just about building default reports. Data has been normalized into plain English and grouped to make it easier to understand when analysing your customer experience. There are over 50 base line reports available utilising the new data layer integration, and many more available once’s dimensions and segmentation is added into these. Some examples of these include: Abandoned/unrealized revenue Customer struggle scores by user action repetition and page repeated patterns Promo code use and relation to conversion and abandonment Top search and failed search terms Search and zero result search relation to conversion and abandonment Learn more about HCL Unica Discover...
Cloud Native | January 8, 2021
Unica Discover is Cloud Native!
Cloud-native is the biggest enabler of the generation and helps you to deliver business value by providing you the flexibility to quickly incorporate user feedback for continuous improvement. With the latest feature release, Unica Discover has become cloud-native. Why go Cloud-Native? Cloud-Native applications have several advantages over typical on-premises deployments. Unlike traditional applications, Cloud-Native application resources are automatically provisioned and released with an on-demand allocation of infrastructure. With auto-scaling, complex up-down process needs are addressed, and resources are paid for on a need-only basis. Container-based platforms decrease the time taken to deliver new products and services to market.  HCL understands the customer's needs to have a stable infrastructure that is also primed to scale up or down based on the times of the year. Reduced cost through containerization and the ease of managing the infrastructure will translate to a better customer experience. Unica Discover Is Dockerized! Along with the traditional on-premises solution, Unica Discover is now cloud-ready for any infrastructure options with Docker containerization. With this, Unica Discover has become more flexible, scalable, and manageable, leveraging the Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CICD) model. Dockerized CICD upgrades will allow upgrades, features, enhancements, and fixes to be delivered to customers more frequently and reduced time for testing and deployment! A traditional Unica Discover deployment has Linux components (DNCA and Packet Forwarder) and Windows components (Routing, Processing server, Reports, Replay server, and DB server). All of the Windows components can be deployed in one server or distributed across servers for larger-scale implementations, and the servers themselves can be physical or virtual. In the cloud-native deployment, we have containerized these components and provided Docker images for each. The ports required for communication within the different components, capturing data from Packet Forwarder to DNCA, and forwarding that data to Routing are all automatically managed...
Marketing & Commerce | October 7, 2020
Unica Discover- Formulate Your Customer Experience Strategy
We’ve all experienced struggle in our day-to-day life as consumers. The struggle can be any number of things, such as adding something to your cart to find it out of stock or receiving product suggestions that have no relevance to you. As I write this, one of the UK’s largest retail bank’s online and mobile systems are unavailable, keeping me from viewing my account and making transfers – very frustrating for such a critical service.  All of these examples create friction in the user experience, reducing the perception of a brand and leading to sharing negative experiences with friends, family, or voicing it on social media. What is Customer Experience? Customer experience (CX) covers every aspect of a customer’s journey with your brand (first contact to becoming a happy and loyal customer.) It is a holistic perception a customer has for your brand or service irrespective of the engagement channel. It is what drives a customer to keep coming back to your product and ultimately become a brand advocate. Delivering a remarkable customer experience depends on how you, as a brand, interact at every touchpoint, like sending an email after a customer has made a purchase from your store or even the amount of customer rep's attention while solving a problem; everything matters. Why does Customer Experience Matter? With the rise of on-demand and quick delivery/shipping services, customers have come to expect and demand more. They want things faster, such as having items delivered within 24-48 hours. This raises customer expectations everywhere and ultimately increases the chances of frustration when it doesn’t happen. This is reflected in market research. 79% of digital experience professionals rate the customer experience they provide as very or extremely high priority. Great that these see the importance, but also leaving 21% who don’t! 90% of those...
Marketing & Commerce | February 14, 2020
The New Ideas Portal- How can you influence Unica’s product roadmap?
Getting your ideas validated and watching them convert into one of the extended functionalities of the product. Isn't it great? Of course, it feels great to be a part of and contribute to the roadmap of a product. Moreover, the product will then be well-versed with your requirements. You can offer design solutions and can see a concept transforming into a solution for the product. Customer-Inspired product development & enhancement has always been at the top of the success story for any product at HCL. But what is the most competent way to achieve it? As a product owner, even after the successful launch of a product, it's common to be surrounded by ideas from every possible source. To ensure we do not miss any of the valuable feedback and keep customers at the center of every strategy we implement, we are excited to announce the launch of our new 'HCL Software Customer Idea Portal.' Everybody cherishes a place where they can share ideas, make their voices heard.  We love sharing our vision of creating innovation-driven & customer-centric products. Consequently, we want you to tag along on our journey to product design & development of a product's roadmap in an easy & transparent manner. Furthermore, it will help us improve products & create more meaningful user experiences for you. Never miss on to any opportunity! Here it is to influence the roadmap of the products you use. With the launch of Unica, we have held webinars, Unica Connects, Partner Unica Connect (Business Partner) & even started the Unica Sponsor User Program. These helped in extending the functionalities in the latest or upcoming releases, which are influenced by users' opinions. Besides, during a Unica connect, many users talked about how much built-in analytics would be great to have once there's an email...
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