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Shruti Jadhav
Associate Research Director Quadrant Solutions
Shruti Jadhav is an Associate Research Director at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. She is responsible for planning, managing and conducting global strategic market outlook, market insights, technology guide, SPARK Matrix analysis, and user consulting assignments. Shruti’s research focus areas include retail and eCommerce, customer experience, digital commerce, marketing technology, and such others. Shruti is also a part of user and vendor consulting group that focuses on delivering various consulting projects, including technology architecture planning, vendor/technology selection strategies, operational due diligence, and custom market intelligence. As part of the global Megatrends and industry convergence analysis, Shruti is tracking the impact of advanced analytics, AI, ML, and automation technologies on global technology developments and its overall market impact.
Posts by Shruti Jadhav
Marketing & Commerce | December 9, 2021
Streamlining Cloud-Native Transformation with HCL Now, a Cloud-Native-as-a-Service Solution
How HCL SoFy helps organizations accelerate the deployment of HCLSoftware products across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Read more.
Marketing & Commerce | September 1, 2021
Is Cloud Native the Answer to Being Customer-Centric?
Product features and prices are no longer the primary consideration in the digital age, as customer experience is becoming the primary differentiating factor.
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