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Shobith R
Software Engineer Lab Services, HCL ZIE
Shobith is a Software Engineer at HCLSoftware, having expertise in designing and developing Web applications. He is having strong technical knowledge of Java/J2EE, Spring, Websockets, Restful services, React, etc., and he is currently involved in the development of HCL ZIE products as part of the Mainframe Lab Services Team.
Posts by Shobith R
Mainframes | November 10, 2022
Sending E-Mails From the Application in ZIE Transformation
HCL ZIETrans makes it possible to build an application that can scrape data from the host, format it as required, and present the formatted data on an e-mail, programmed to trigger the e-mail automatically on any user action.
Mainframes | July 22, 2022
Resizable Default Transformation in ZIETrans
Learn how using HCL ZIETrans, you can create a web-based application with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Learn more about HCL ZIETrans Now!
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