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Shivaprasad Nanjundaswamy
Technical Specialist at HCL Software
Shivaprasad Nanjundaswamy is a Technical Specialist at HCL Software. With over 9 years of experience, working towards the development of Java-based applications, he has strong technical knowledge of Java, RCP and Web applications, and is currently involved in the development of HCL ZIE products as part of the Mainframe Lab Services Team.
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Mainframes | May 19, 2020
Converter Solution for migration of automated scripts to HCL ZIE Emulators
Each Emulator provides specific automation APIs to create scripts to automate the business process. Automated Scripts contains core logics to read, write, update, and copy data in Mainframe/AS400 emulators which helps is accomplishing every-day business. When migrating to HCL ZIE for Windows (ZIEWin)/ZIE for Web (ZIEWeb), apart from migration of session properties and keyboard mapping, it is also important to migrate automated scripts to make it compatible and run in the new emulator without breaking automated core logic. These automated scripts can be recorded macros, Excel-based VBA automation code, VBS, or other supported formats. Migration to HCL ZIEWin and HCL ZIEWeb (EHLLAPI programs only) is made easy with HCL Lab services proprietary Script Converter Solution which can swiftly convert external emulator automation scripts to HCL ZIEWin or HCL ZIEWeb compatible.  The HCL ZIEWeb supports Excel VBA scripts written in EHLLAPI with IBM EHLLAPI bridge (32-bit only). Customers migrating to HCL ZIEWin or HCL ZIEWeb can connect with the HCL Lab Services team to leverage the Script Converter Solution for a semi-automated migration solution HCL ZIEWin and HCL ZIEWeb are HCL equivalent products of IBM Personal Communication (PCOMM) and IBM Host on Demand (HOD) that have the same feature set and functionalities as later. Script Converter Solution: Converter solution is a standalone application provides a graphical interface to convert a single script or multiple scripts in a directory from competitive products script to HCL ZIEWin/ZIEWeb equivalent. The solution automatically identifies script file type, script API type, and converts to relevant conversion format of ZIEWin or ZIEWeb. It can also convert script which contains multiple external emulator API types in a single file. Converted scripts can be viewed in comparison editor to compare with the original scripts. A comparison editor helps in reviewing and modifying converted scripts before completing the final conversion...
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