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Shivaprasad Nanjundaswamy
Technical Specialist at HCLSoftware
Shivaprasad Nanjundaswamy is a Technical Specialist at HCLSoftware. With over 9 years of experience, working towards the development of Java-based applications, he has strong technical knowledge of Java, RCP and Web applications, and is currently involved in the development of HCL ZIE products as part of the Mainframe Lab Services Team.
Posts by Shivaprasad Nanjundaswamy
Mainframes | July 8, 2022
Accessing ZIETrans administrative console on Liberty server
The ZIETrans administrative console allows you to view and change problem-determination settings. It also allows: Select the scope of management, View log and trace files, etc.
Mainframes | May 19, 2020
Converter Solution for migration of automated scripts to HCL ZIE Emulators
Automated Scripts contains core logics to read, write, update, and copy data in Mainframe/AS400 emulators which helps is accomplishing every-day business.
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