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Shahar Sperling
Chief Architect at HCL AppScan
Shahar Sperling is the chief architect at HCL AppScan. He has 23 years of experience in professional software development. He has spent the last 13 years with the AppScan team, developing a variety of new products and technologies.
Posts by Shahar Sperling
Secure DevOps | October 28, 2020
?AST – The Who, What, Why and Where of Application Security Testing
In the world of AppScan, we came to that conclusion more than a decade ago as we expanded from DAST to SAST and then into IAST. Read More.
Secure DevOps | July 22, 2020
Hey, DNS! (with HCL AppScan Domain Name Server)
DNS is a chained process. When one DNS server cannot resolve a host name to an IP, it will try to look for that host name in other connected DNS servers.
Secure DevOps | July 17, 2020
Achieve Private Site Scanning with AppScan on Cloud
Learn best practices for conducting Private Site Scanning (PSS) with HCL AppScan on Cloud (ASoC). Then, test-drive ASoC with our free 30-day trial.
Secure DevOps | July 16, 2020
Third-Party Component Security: The Good, The Not So Good and the Downright Ugly
Read this blog to learn how to identify security vulnerabilities in third-party application components. Then, you can test-drive HCL AppScan on Cloud.
Secure DevOps | July 15, 2020
Understanding the AppScan on Cloud Compliance Network
Learn how to calculate risk for applications that your company has in development & find out how to utilize HCL AppScan on Cloud to manage vulnerabilities.
Secure DevOps | July 13, 2020
How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Dynamic Testing Policies
In this blog, you'll learn more about Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) policies & find out how to maximize your team's dynamic analysis efforts.
Secure DevOps | July 8, 2020
The Elements of Application Security Testing (With Apologies to Strunk and White)
By reading this blog, you'll learn more about tested elements in your Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) program
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