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Serena Girardini
Test manager for Workload Automation 
She is the Test manager for the Workload Automation product in distributed environments. She joined IBM in 2000 as a Workload Scheduler developer and she was involved in the product relocation from the San Jose Lab to the Rome Lab during a short-term assignment in San Jose (CA). For 14 years, Serena gained experience in Workload Scheduler distributed product suite as a developer, customer support engineer, tester and information developer. She covered for a long time the role of L3 fix pack release Test Team Leader and, in this period, she was a facilitator during critical situations and upgrade scenarios at customer sites. In her last 4 years at IBM, she became IBM Cloud Resiliency and Chaos Engineering Test Team Leader. She joined HCL in April 2019 as an expert Tester and she was recognized as the Test Leader for the product porting to the most important Cloud offerings in the market.
Posts by Serena Girardini
Automation | May 19, 2022
Continuous Security and Quality Updates on Dynamic Workload Console 10.1
Delivering fixes in the short term with this new pack that does not require any new knowledge and contains critical defects, vulnerabilities, and APAR
Automation | February 9, 2021
Automate Anything, Run Anywhere, starting from the Workload Automation Test environment!
Learn how to leverage a Workload Automation deployment to run automation jobs that build our code and prepare packages for our HCL and IBM brand offerings.
Automation | February 1, 2021
How to move your Workload Automation on-premises deployment to cloud
Customers are starting to move to the cloud environment to improve productivity and maintain IT management costs and time. Learn more about cloud benefits.
Automation | August 4, 2020
Unleash the power of HCL Workload Automation in an Amazon EKS cluster
Don't get left behind! The new era of digital transformation of businesses has moved on to new operating models such as containers and cloud orchestration. Let’s find out how to get the best of Workload Automation (WA) by deploying the solution on a cloud-native environment such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). 
Automation | August 3, 2020
Make the deployment easier, get the most from Workload Automation in OpenShift
Can you have your desired number of Workload Automation (WA) agent, server and console instances running whenever and wherever? Yes, you can!  Starting from the Workload Automation version 9.5 fix pack 2, you can deploy the server, console and dynamic agent by using Openshift 4.2 or later version platforms.
Automation | July 27, 2020
Enforce Workload Automation continuous operation by activating Automatic failover feature and an HTTP load balancer
How important is that your Workload Automation environment is healthy, up and running, and there are no workload stops or delays? What happens if your Master Domain Manager becomes unavailable or it is affected by downtime?  What manual recovery solution you must do when it happens?
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