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Senthil Nathan
HCL Launch Product Manager
Senthil guides the strategy and development work for HCLSoftware’s continuous delivery solution, HCL Launch. Senthil has 17+ years of experience in software ranging from a Mainframe developer to a DevOps Architect. In the last 5 years, Senthil has helped companies in their DevOps journey. He has helped customers understand their enterprise complexity and identify processes that suit them best.
Posts by Senthil Nathan
Secure DevOps | March 28, 2022
HCL Launch Java 8 EoS and other considerations
HCL Launch announcement, Java 8 will end support in June 2022, impacting customers differently. Read here to know how this will impact customers.
Secure DevOps | July 7, 2021
Introducing the BMC Compuware ISPW plugin for HCL Launch
HCL Launch, a continuous delivery solution, and the BMC Compuware ISPW solution can help you modernize mission-critical legacy application development processes and achieve digital transformation.
HCLSoftware | July 1, 2021
Launch 7.2: Impactful Updates Enabling Faster Continuous Delivery
HCL Launch 7.2 allows unlimited Java packages to be uploaded and applied across different devices and architectures in your environment.
Secure DevOps | June 22, 2021
Collaboration Tool Integration with HCL Launch
In the latest version of HCL Launch 7.2.0, users can enhance team communication tools by integrating with HCL Launch. The integration gives you real-time visibility.
Secure DevOps | September 28, 2020
Mainframe Deployment Process with HCL Launch
Learn how to set up a simple mainframe deployment process design with HCL Launch and z/OS. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to begin smoothly.
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