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Sanket is working as a Support Engineer at HCL Software in the UNICA Support Team.
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Marketing & Commerce | June 25, 2020
As you may already be aware, the HCL Software New UNICA V12 is out with several new features, amongst them a major feature: The supports for JBoss. This is helping the Unica Marketing Software in maximum uptime. After a long period, HCL Software Unica Suite came up with the support of open-source application servers, and this will save a lot of cost of an enterprise. What is JBOSS? The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (or JBoss EAP) is a subscription-based/open-source Java EE-based application server runtime platform used for building, deploying, and hosting highly-transactional Java applications and services. The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is part of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware portfolio of software. As it is Java-based, the application server operates across platforms; it is usable on any operating system that supports Java. The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform was developed by JBoss, now a division of Red Hat. Why JBOSS? JBoss is Red Hat’s Application server, also known as Wildly. It is an open-source alternative to commercial offerings from IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic. The application server is an open-source platform, used for implementing Java applications and a wide variety of other software applications. The Application Server is cross-platform, easy to install, and use on any operating system that supports Java. You can run the JBoss application server on Linux, Unix, OS X, and Windows. Benefits of JBOSS with UNICA It’s an Open Source. Open-source is generally counted as a win. JBOSS is free and readily available to anyone willing to download it. It’s a lightweight application. JBOSS is a lightweight application that offers the most basic functionality necessary to run a server, meaning it provides relatively quick load and redeploys times compared to others. It’s More Flexible. There are very few steps to follow for the deployment of applications as well as the...
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