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Sajjad Kabir
Solutions Architect, HCLSoftware
Sajjad Kabir is an Information Technology professional with over 25 years of diverse industry experience with primary emphasis in IT Architecture and Service Management. Extensive experiences in management, architecture, design, development, implementation, and systems integration solutions in multiple industries, platforms, and network environments.
Posts by Sajjad Kabir
Automation | October 23, 2020
Passing Variables from an Event Rule to a Job Stream
Event Rules are an extension of Workload Automation (WA) capabilities that enable events occurring external to the scheduling environment to trigger actions on scheduling objects within WA. An ideal use of this capability is to detect the arrival of a file and then trigger an action to submit a Job Stream containing jobs to process the data contained in that file. This capability has been available for a while and is widely used. In this article, a hidden feature is explored where the name of the file and other properties related to the file are passed as variables to a Variable Table associated to the Job Stream being submitted as ac action where any Job within that Job Stream can retrieve those variables and process the data in the file
Automation | October 16, 2020
Creating a File Dependency for a Job Stream using Start Condition
Waiting for a file to arrive before a job can start processing it is the most common and quintessential requirement for any workload automation tool. Historically, this was done by creating a File dependency using OPENS and Unix tricks to manage wild cards and multiple matching files. Then Event Driven Workload Automation was introduced where an Event Rule could monitor a file with wild cards and when the condition was satisfied the dependent Job Stream was submitted. %
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