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Sagar Padhye
Technical Architect – Unica
Sagar Padhye has been implementing the install, upgrades, and performance tuning of HCL Unica software's different modules for 14+ years. He has 16+ years of marketing automation & software industry experience. He is resourceful in building POCs, business consulting (delivering solutions), troubleshooting tech support issues, queries, and test management. He is committed to customer success.
Posts by Sagar Padhye
Marketing & Commerce | September 1, 2021
Unica Platform and Campaign system database migration using Campaign flowchart execution
There is a situation where enterprise decides to move away from one database vendor and adopt another database vendor as their preferred choice for applications they are using enterprise-wide. We came across one such situation where one customer in North America decided to move away from IBM DB2 and adopt MS SQL server as their preferred choice for all enterprise applications across their organization; they can then use the procedure mentioned in this blog which involves a system database migration using Campaign flowcharts. The Goal Migrated Unica Platform/Campaign system database from one DB type to another using Campaign flowchart execution from the source environment. (Here, the goal is to migrate the Unica Campaign system DB IBM DB2 to MS SQL Server) Challenge The customer did not have the financial budget to purchase a license for database migration tools available in the market. Solution Module We have used our DB migration methodology for Unica Platform and Campaign modules. But the same method can be used for the rest of the Unica suite. Platform module is used for creating and storing the security policies required for the Unica application. The Platform module stores the configuration settings of different Unica modules/applications in the suite. Unica Campaign is the advanced campaign management solution that delivers customer targeting at scale with powerful segmentation capabilities for outbound, multi-channel, multi-wave batch campaign execution and tracking. Key Feature The key feature of this methodology is to showcase how Campaign flowchart execution can be used to migrate Unica Platform and Campaign system tables from the existing IBM DB 2 database to the MS SQL server database. STEP-BY-STEP SOLUTION 1. Overview of Unica System DB Migration We have implemented Unica System DB Migration from IBM DB2 to MS SQL Server using Unica Campaign flowcharts in this POC. The below diagram depicts...
Marketing & Commerce | January 13, 2021
Real-Time Offer Personalization with Unica Interact
A country’s tourism website is planning an email campaign featuring special travel packages to entice 2021 tourism. The company would like to deploy strategic emails offering real-time offer personalization for its customers. Let's understand with the help of this article the goals of the company, the challenges they face, and how Unica Interact can help them in strategizing the entire offer strategy. GOAL Make business user aware of how Interact message connector works. To deploy the Interact message connector in the WebSphere application server. To test the message connector tag to verify personalized offers are getting displayed. CHALLENGE Unfortunately, the company is limited in its backend digital capabilities (no Java or SOAP) and anticipates problems with customers who open emails where only HTML content is possible. The company is looking for a solution to provide real-time offer management in situations where you only have control over the web content that is loaded on the client’s side. SOLUTION Unica Interact is a sophisticated real-time interaction solution to personalize the customer experience and determine the next best action for customer engagement across various channels such as websites, call centers, point-of-sale, ATM’s, kiosks, and more. KEY FEATURE Unica Interact Message Connector allows email messages and other electronic media to make calls to Unica Interact to allow personalized offers to be presented at open-time and when the customer clicks-through the message to the specified site. This is accomplished by using two key tags: The image tag (IMG), which loads the personalized offers at open-time, and the link tag (A), which captures click-through information and redirects the customer to a specific landing page. STEP-BY-STEP SOLUTION 1. MessageConnector gets installed with the Interact installation itself.  The path of msgconnector folder in our windows environment is as follows Path :- C:\HCL\Unica\Interact\msgconnector 2. Deploy the ‘MessageConnector.war’ in the WAS profile....
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