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Sagar Padhye
Technical Architect – Unica
Sagar Padhye has been implementing the install, upgrades, and performance tuning of HCL Unica software's different modules for 14+ years. He has 16+ years of marketing automation & software industry experience. He is resourceful in building POCs, business consulting (delivering solutions), troubleshooting tech support issues, queries, and test management. He is committed to customer success.
Posts by Sagar Padhye
Marketing & Commerce | September 1, 2021
Unica Platform and Campaign system database migration using Campaign flowchart execution
Migrated Unica Platform/Campaign system database from one DB type to another using Campaign flowchart execution from the source environment. (Here, the goal is to migrate the Unica Campaign system DB IBM DB2 to MS SQL Server)
Marketing & Commerce | January 13, 2021
Real-Time Offer Personalization with Unica Interact
Unica Interact is a sophisticated real-time interaction solution to personalize the customer experience and determine the next best action for customer engagement across various channels such as websites, call centers, point-of-sale, ATM’s, kiosks, and more.
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