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Ryan Vaske
CEO of Embel Assist
Ryan Vaske has more than 20 years of CRM and marketing experience and expertise. In 2000, he founded Embel Assist to provide his unique combination of expertise in a nimble, flexible, and affordable manner. Ryan has evolved and grown Embel Assist into a viable and reliable consultancy and product development organization. In addition to leading the organization, Ryan continues to play an active role in all client projects by providing oversight, resource allocation, and overall client and account management. Prior to founding Embel Assist, Ryan assumed consulting positions at Accenture. He holds a degree in business management with a computer science minor from St. Cloud State University.
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Marketing & Commerce | July 14, 2021
Consumer Engagement Complacency
As a marketer, I am going to assume you will often put yourself in the shoes of the person you are marketing towards. When you go there, do you feel like you are receiving the information you need or want to receive and how you want to receive it? “I think so” or “I hope so” are responses I have heard when this question has been asked. This is not a huge surprise to me. Most marketing communications are directional messages geared to a target audience that have general similarities. Organizations conducting their marketing efforts using the “think so/hope so” approach are probably seeing some results and have come to dismiss these results as the baseline… and this becomes the norm. It is at this point that complacency kicks in, and it continues for years with the customer experience being just “ok.” The key to this story is don’t be complacent. Put effort into getting your data quality right, focus on advanced analytics and modeling to help draw out trends and correlations that help you create tighter target audiences, use A/B testing to find the right mix of personas and content to drive your message or call to action, build a holistic consumer engagement platform to support message delivery through the various channels required and back it up with reporting to support message attribution and performance reporting. I know it may seem like a lot to grasp, but if you want to change the impact your marketing is making on your consumer, you will need to push the envelope and strive for 1:1 engagement with highly personalized content that can be delivered seamlessly across all the channels. Your customers are expecting it, your competition is either doing or planning to do it, and you can’t afford to see customer shift...
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