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Robert Leong
Senior Director and Head of Product Management
Robert Leong is the Senior Director and Head of Product Management for HCL BigFix. He is responsible for being the voice of the Market for BigFix and the overall strategic Roadmap for the entire product line. Robert is a Cyber Security veteran and a self-professed "MIT Geek" with simultaneous Bachelors and Masters degrees from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He started his career designing custom ICs, circuit boards, and writing software. He changed over to Product Management (PM) in order to create a science-based approach to answering the question: "What will the Market buy and why?". He’s been in the enterprise security industry since 2007. He co-founded a cyber security company and was the PM for McAfee MVISION Insights, an innovative Cyber Defense-readiness prediction product. He has experience in Threat Intelligence, Endpoint/Network/Cloud Security, User Behavioral Monitoring (UBM), and Unifying Cyber Security and IT Operations.
Posts by Robert Leong
Automation | November 7, 2022
BigFix CyberFOCUS Analytics
The BigFix CyberFOCUS Analytics solution is designed to impact big unresolved problems that are the intersection of SecOps, ITOps and the C-Suite.  
Automation | November 7, 2022
The 100% Secure Computers: FOCUS on Business Management of Cyber Risk
BigFix's FOCUS concepts provide a guide about how your organization strategizes about how cybersecurity and empowers you to find and implement controls that balance the needs of business and security simultaneously.
Automation | May 23, 2022
New CISA KEV Dashboard reduces time and effort by 10X!
CISA has created a list of known vulnerabilities or KEV to safeguard federal infrastructure from cyber attacks. Know more about Exploited Vulnerabilities
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