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Rob Barker
Support Education Lead
Rob Barker works as an Education Lead for HCLSoftware Support and is responsible for developing analytical and communication skills in our Worldwide Support teams. A qualified Kepner-Tregoe Program Leader, Rob draws on his more than 25 years of troubleshooting experience in software support to create engaging workshops that challenge engineers to think clearly before acting. Before joining HCL, he worked at IBM, Infor, and SSA Global Technologies as a support manager and engineer. Rob brings multicultural expertise to his worldwide role with a career based in the Asia Pacific Region.
Posts by Rob Barker
HCLSoftware | March 3, 2023
Professional Troubleshooting: The “Third Key” to Providing Great Support
Professional troubleshooting is what we call the third key for our HCLSoftware support team. What do we mean by professional troubleshooting? It is quite simple: finding a balance between "proving yourself right" or "proving yourself wrong."
HCLSoftware | February 14, 2022
Key 1: Responsiveness, what is going on?
The first key to success at HCLSoftware is about gaining clarity and understanding around you by contacting the HCLSoftware Support team. Read to know more.
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