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Rhonda Studnick Kaiser
Director - Customer Experience BigFix
Rhonda Studnick Kaiser is the HCL BigFix Director of Customer Experience. With more than 20 years of IT experience, more than 10 years in Information Security, my goal is to bring the voice of the customer into every stage of BigFix development and delivery. My passion is to ensure that our customers get the most out of their investment in BigFix and to build a trust relationship with them to drive innovation, transparency and cooperation across the product line.
Posts by Rhonda Studnick Kaiser
Automation | November 1, 2022
New OpenSSL V3 Vulnerabilities Are Exploitable – Act Now
The  OpenSSL V3 Vulnerabilities project announced details of vulnerabilities that exist in versions of the OpenSSL software versions earlier than version 3.0.7. They have released OpenSSL Version 3.0.7 to address these security vulnerabilities. BigFix can address and speed vulnerability remediation.
Automation | October 14, 2021
Year Two of HCL Ambassadors Program for BigFix Nominations NOW OPEN!
Nominations are now open for year 2 of the HCL Ambassadors Program for BigFix. Read more about all customers and partners who joined as ambassadors.
Automation | October 30, 2020
HCL Ambassadors Program for BigFix is live and nominations are now OPEN! 
The HCL Ambassadors Program recognizes customers and partners who go above and beyond to promote HCLSoftware products and engage with the community.
Automation | April 13, 2020
Tales of Crisis IT: Work from Home, and FAST! 
Working from home has come to many companies as an urgent crisis, forcing what were always-in-the-office workers into their homes. Some businesses have it planned and are resilient, others not so much. No matter the size of your business, you want to ensure that you are delivering ready-for-business, compliant endpoints into the hands of your employees and that you are keeping them secure over time.  More than that, you want to ensure that your most important assets – customer information, product design information, financial information – is kept secure. 
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