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Marketing & Commerce | May 5, 2020
If it Walks like a Duck and Talks like a Duck
If you’re an eCommerce leader, work hands on with technology or drive business development, and you’re investing a few seconds to determine if it is worthwhile to read something a field account manager might have to say, let me share why I think it is.   After 20+ years genuinely invested in my customers success while at Gartner, IBM, Forrester and Sterling Commerce, I have learned through thousands of face-to-face conversations the questions most often asked about strategically partnering with a software company, choosing to invest in a provider’s technology or even being stuck with inherited vendor applications.  As I enter my third month at HCLSoftware I have a handful of observations and ideas for you to test out how focused we are on being there for our clients.   It Walks Like a Duck – Software Development  I understand there was a stretch of time when what I’m about to share wasn’t the case and that it is important to you.  HCLSoftware walks like a software company, talks like a software company, and develops application software like a software company.  Because it is one.  As I look at this week’s calendar, three of the five days I will be in meetings with clients that include senior HCL leaders in Product Management, Product Development and Sales along with local Technology Advisors. We will be interactively talking about new capabilities in our June release and the current 2-year product roadmap while seeking client input into prioritizing and amending the roadmap as clients’ needs continually evolve as do technology, B2B needs and B2C needs.  Recommended Test  Ask for a meeting with HCL’s senior leaders and watch how quickly and eagerly they engage with you. Need to talk to the technical team? Here’s the chief architect. Want to get some help with implementation? Here’s our services team leader. Then,...
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