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Raja Adaikalasamy
Head of Product Management
Raja heads the Unica Product Management team. Raja brings over 20 plus years of diverse experience and leadership to the portfolio with an extensive background in marketing automation and enterprise applications. Raja is passionate about how technology can make a positive difference in every sphere of life.
Posts by Raja Adaikalasamy
Marketing & Commerce | April 7, 2022
Unica 12.1.3 Marketing Platform 2022 Spring Release
UNICA 12.1.3 - this marketing automation platform provides essential updates such as real-time personalization playback, streamlined privacy, and compliance.
Marketing & Commerce | November 30, 2021
Unica 12.1.2 Marketing Platform Winter Release
Unica 12.1.2 is a cloud native-as-a-service offering, HCL Unica on HCL Now, and powered by the HCL SoFy, the Solutions Factory for HCLSoftware.
Marketing & Commerce | July 30, 2021
Releasing the new feature pack – Unica 12.1.1 Summer Release
HCL Unica is the marketing automation platform that helps customers achieve personalization at scale. Unica 12.1.1., also available as a cloud native-as-a-service.
Marketing & Commerce | April 12, 2021
Unica 12.1 Marketing Platform Spring Release: Platform FeaturePack
Latest Spring update to Unica 12.1 cloud-native integrated marketing platform – Unica Its spring release strengthens the platform’s cloud-native foundation.
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